How do I sign out?

Press the profile icon (gear symbol) in the top right of the screen, from there press the “Sign Out” button.

How do I ask Eyeballs a question?

Press on the microphone in the “Ask Eyeballs” section and verbally ask your question after the icon changes color. The less background noise the better. Read the question just as it’s written on the screen. Alternatively, you can press any listed question to ask Eyeballs without voice recognition.

How do I check my account balance?

Ask Eyeballs “What is my account balance?

Why can't Eyeballs answer whether I should buy a stock?

Eyeballs does not provide financial advice. Those questions are best left to a human. But the Eyeballs App can help you with that as well. Is our Rep Direct feature listed below.

How do I contact my advisor through Eyeballs?

Press the Advisor button to open your Advisor information screen.

How do I schedule a meeting with my Advisor through Eyeballs?

Navigate to the Advisor section, select the desired date, add a note to your request and press send.

Is my account information safe on the Eyeballs platform?

Yes, your information on the Eyeballs platform is 24-7 protection of Amazon Web Services, combined with innovation built into the Eyeballs Financial platform. Additionally the entire Eyeballs system goes through annual rigorous third-party cybersecurity testing.

Can I trade stocks on Eyeballs?

You can not trade any assets on the Eyeballs platform.

What is the Rep Direct ™ feature?

While the Eyeballs app does provide the information listed on your financial statement, you may have questions about your finances.
Let’s us demonstrate – You’re at a BBQ on a Sunday afternoon, during a discuss on stocks you think “Maybe, I should get my financial advisor’s advice before I make a move.” Open your Eyeballs app, tap on the Rep Direct button and speak into your phone the question you have for your rep. The Eyeballs app will transcribe your message, once you look it over for accuracy, hit the submit button. The message will be delivered to your financial rep’s Eyeballs Advisor App and dashboard where it belongs. Better there than in his text messages between about picking up milk on the home and dog pictures.

Does Fourstar Wealth have direct access to my Assets?

Fourstar Wealth has no direct access to your Assets and will only pull relevant data when asked by the user.

Can I transfer or withdraw assets through Fourstar Wealth?

No management of assets can be done through Fourstar Wealth.

How do I add/remove questions from my Favorites list?

Tap on the heart icon next to the question you wish to add to your favorites list. To remove a question you wish to add to your favorites list. To remove a question, go to your favorites list and tap the heart icon to remove it.

Can I change my password?

No, for security reasons you must use the One-time Passcode provided when logging in.

How do I close my Fourstar Wealth account?

Contact your advisor to close your Fourstar Wealth account.